Mc Lyte - Act Like You Know lyrics

* DJ cuts and scratches "This is MC Lyte.." *

[MC Lyte]
Moonroof open, in the B.M.
Windows tinted, they can't see in..
.. they know it's me though
MC Lyte, she's bigger than bolo
Gusto, gusto, I got so much so
you could have some, you just got to lay low
Do as I say so and don't try to fess
Do whatcha wanna just clean up the mess
I'm here, ARRRRRRUFF, kick it in the rear
Rhymes and rhymes and rhymes I gots to spare
Act like you know
The things that I do just ain't for show
This is my living, so I am giving
everything I got if not a lot more
For the people, for the buyers
For all of those that seem to want to try a
MC Lyte tape in your Benzi box
What can I say? Hey, thanks a lot
Cause I'll flip and trip and do ALL that good shit
That's why the brothers, they can't get off my tip
They know whose show this is
Who's show is this?

* DJ cuts and scratches "This is MC Lyte.." 2X *