Mc Dan - Am I Scottish Or Am I Cool? lyrics

Hello everybodymy name is Dan
I own a purple caravan
I does Dj stuff on the floor
Where i sees the koala dance through the door
My music's cool and so am i
Am i still alive? i don't know why
I don't really deserve to live
Any more than Jonathan Klive
Make no mistake i hate you all
My lack of a life is my downfall
I have no food i have no friends
I have no CD's of Pestilence
All i have is my dance music
A caravan and a wooden stick
I often question the point of me
But that's my fault for being an MC
Some Gothic people think i'm a twat
Just because i don't like Cocobat
But when their life comes to an end
Who will be there to like them then?
Probably me if i know myself
After all, i know no-one else
The last time i went outside
I was accidentally deep fried
The electricity short-circuited me
And i died