Mc Chris - Glory Hole (Skit) lyrics

mc: (mumbling under breath) ...history, history, I love...
bully: Ahh! You're here, in the boys bathroom, good! You're actually a little bit early.
mc: Sorry I...
bully: Let me pick up a little bit, excuse me.
mc: I'm very punctual, sorry.
bully: Alright get over here!
mc: Ahhh!
bully: You little geek!
mc: Oh no! You're forcing me into the stall!
bully: Thats correct hahaha!
mc: Oh no you're sticking my head into the toilet water!
bully: Thats precisely what I'm doing!
mc: Now you're flushing, oh god it's so embarrassing!
bully: And now let me tell you what I'm gonna do.
mc: No.
bully: I'm gonna smash your head into the side of the stall.
mc: Oh you wouldn't!
bully: Until it goes all the way through the stall, creating a glory hole.
mc: A glory hole?
bully: Then your gonna go around to the other side and I'm gonna stick my cock anonymously through the glory hole.
mc: Uhh... Oh no.
bully: And if it doesn't get sucked I don't know what I'm gonna do.
mc: (whimpering)