¡Mayday! - Lando's Jam (2012)

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¡Mayday! - Lando's Jam lyrics


Fly in a madman that's running round the world getting plenty of bad fans
Keep my head above the water
Swimming in that land
just sing in the tascam
so much i know they even wanna gimme a catscan
I wouldn't wanna dream this life away
but I'm feeling like my head is in a vice today
and the price you pay is a life to stay
under licensed lay but is it priced to play
see I don't think so but they kill it when you think slow
one last chance it's a gimmick when the inks low
one last dance I'mma kill it with the link flow
Kinko copy with the pink bow think no
just another one of these old schemes so
Break bread with us over dream soaked meat loaf
I been wanna run it for a hunnid but I'm stubborn and i love it but i cannot break it up enough to stop