Maybelle Carter - The Storms Are On The Ocean lyrics

"I'm going away to leave you, love,
I'm going away for awhile,
But I'll return to you sometime,
If I go ten thousand mile."

The storms are on the ocean,
The heavens may cease to be,
This world may lose its motion, love,
If I prove false to thee.

"O have you seen those mournful doves
Flying from pine to pine,
Mourning for their own true love,
Just like I mourn for mine?"


"O who will shoe your pretty little feet?
And who will glove your hands?
And who will kiss your rosy, red lips,
When I'm in a far-off land?"

"Papa will shoe my pretty little feet,
And mama will glove my hands,
And you can kiss my rosy, red lips,
When you return again."