MaxNormal.TV - Too Cold To Hold lyrics

Get out my way, creepy crawlies,
human coming through
Like a nice surprise
out of the blue.
Leave it up to this snufflegruff
to always hit you with something new
that freaks your shht like bjork just said I'm in love with you
I'm gonna get a new butterfly butcher suit
that farts deadly fumes
and goes vroom, vroom, vroom.
Then I won't have to
listen to those horrible crunching sounds underneath my shoe.
Peace to the insects, I'll keep sending ya to the next realm.
But I've got the tendency to walk with my feet on the ground
And grace cats with a presence that's as sweet as the sound
These fly felines mate getting busy with my edible genitals.
Baby, that's incredible.
You've made this night unforgettable
But I have some terrible news
You see, i suffer from this like, terminal emotional paralysis
And I write rhymes to myself like DIY psychoanalysis
I suppose if you break it down I'm like a breath of fresh air
But I've had my fair share
of ladies trying to hold their breath.
There's an aspect of me that's as cold as death
and my flipside is just like, too hot to handle

Sleepy head got bedbugs in his dreadlocks
Came back from holiday and found his style in my bread box,
Y- d- huh- watcha doin' man?
I never said stop.
Then bring it back again,
we need to get these heads rocked
The real hip-hop don't stop
Even if it go pop.
This art was intricately designed
to blow the f*ck up.
So throw your sh*t up, yeah,
put your spears in the air.
This is Africa, baby, there's wild animals everywhere.
So when you see me rolling with green rhinos and brown elephants and pink lions and purple wildebeests and golden leopards, go run to kuki
Who's he?
Just some cat whose been waiting to hear from me, check it.
I think I'll hang out with myself again,
Maybe even sport someone else's skin.
So if you hear some other cat kicking my rhymes,
Just remember his intestines might just be mine.
Cause any one one of these 6 billion civilians could very well be this reptilian.
No matter how resilient or brilliant you think you are,
If i decide that i need a new host,
Somebody's pretty little shell's gonna get a new ghost.