Max Frost - White Lies lyrics (Chinese translation). | I'm picking up really sketch vibes 
, My woman's been telling me lies 
, About other men 
, About...
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Max Frost - White Lies (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I'm picking up really sketch vibes
ZH: 我来接真的素描共鸣

EN: My woman's been telling me lies
ZH: 我的女人一直都告诉我的谎言

EN: About other men
ZH: 对另一个男人

EN: About where she's been hanging
ZH: 关于她已被挂起的位置

EN: Suspicious thoughts in my mind
ZH: 可疑的想法在我心中

EN: Been brewing up over time
ZH: 随着时间的推移已经酝酿

EN: "He's just a friend,"
ZH: "他是只是朋友"

EN: When to me he's a stranger
ZH: 当他对我是个陌生人

EN: I can hold no evidence
ZH: 没有证据可以拥

EN: But I can't think emotionless
ZH: 但我不能认为没有感情

EN: And something in your choice of dress
ZH: 和您选择的礼服的东西

EN: Tonight can lead to just one guess
ZH: 今晚可以导致只是一个猜测

EN: White Lies
ZH: 善意的谎言

EN: You try
ZH: 你试试

EN: Can't blind my eyes
ZH: 不能盲目的我的眼睛

EN: You got your red dress on
ZH: 你有你的红裙

EN: And you want to play
ZH: 你想要玩

EN: Like I can't know things that I've never seen
ZH: 不能像从来没有见过的东西

EN: Its been keeping me up every night
ZH: 其已让我每晚都

EN: Most of the time
ZH: 大部分时间

EN: I toss and turn in bed and I try
ZH: 辗转在床上和我试

EN: Not to explode
ZH: 不要爆炸

EN: When you arrive
ZH: 你到达时

EN: sneaking through
ZH: 偷偷摸摸的通过

EN: like it ain't 5
ZH: 就像不是 5

EN: like this house ain't mine
ZH: 就像这房子不是我的

EN: Yes I been picking up really sketch vibes
ZH: 的我已领真的素描共鸣

EN: And I keep looking over at your side
ZH: 在你的身边总是望

EN: Wondering where you been
ZH: 想知道哪里你已

EN: Thinking that he ain't a friend
ZH: 他不是一个朋友的思维

EN: Knowing that thoughts are a sin
ZH: 知道思想一种罪

EN: And so I'll say it again
ZH: 所以要再说