Mavado - Action Pak lyrics


Seh dem ago diss who
Seh dem ago diss me
Chatty mouth dat man
Dem bad like me
A chat dem a chat
Yap dem a yap

Gullyside wi a action pak
Wi no cuss cuss wi no wear frock
Gullyside wi a action pak

Verse 1

Tell dem anything a anything
Any deejay Hennessy, any focal chemistry
Fi rise against di god is a deadly sin
Mi a go a foreign an mi naan come back
Mi have di house pon di hill dem seh mi cyan don dat
Mi no listen dutty teeth pon di street dem love chat
Any missa man violate mi done chat
Mama tell mi seh son please keep yo carma
Am getting older mi cyan tek di drama
Mi memba who sell mi out dem naan go see
Mi si death round di corner mi hot like Botswana
Mi ash like a ginger mi coulda never rest
Mi have a sticky finger
Mi no gal mi no carry pretty finger
Mi style mek dem duck and chick through window
Am ready now, who did a chat


Gullyside wi a action pak
Wi no lip lip wi no parrot
Gullyside wi a action pak
Am ready now, di gullyside full a action pak
Wi no beat round di bush, no go weh an come back
Right now wi a action pak

Verse 2

Well any day dem think dem can diss mi
Mi mek Jamaica a fi re write history
Mi new style hot up dem head like a Frisbee
Mi fire furnace turn up cuz mi fans dem miss mi
Mi so serious now dont even smile at me own
No deal in cotton paper clashing is fa olds
Diamonds an gold am at the south pole
Am touching yo girl and wrap her in my lui fury coat

Repeat chorus

Repeat verse 1

Repeat chorus