Matthew Ryan - Sweetheart lyrics

I always suspected
You'd cut the threads
When you'd found it
Or broke it, sweetheart

So I propose
We raise a toast to you
You've done so well
For yourself, so well

The curve of circumstance
Can be quite planned
To what's been had
But I know you'll never be content

I'm not the glutton you were hoping for
Eleanor, Eleanor

It's just so strange
What money does
Chooses lust and love becomes

So my sweet debutant
You're just your daddy's little grunt
You're so sad and predictable

So if you feel inclined
To call me up sometime
Just remember this day
When this is true

I'm not the glutton you were hoping for
I pulled a Pete Rose and slid out the slamming door
I've changed the locks, I've nailed the window shut
I saw through the crutch

Eleanor, Eleanor