Matthew Good Band - Message To God lyrics

Julian would stand on the corner

Underneath the bradbury hotel lights

Wishing he was four floors up asleep

Safely hidden from the dark and endless night

He used to be some kind of businessman

Had a wife

Two kids

And a dog named joe

Went to parties

Drank and laughed it up

Never bothered to watch the dice he'd role

Five years he has lived in an empty world

His wife is dead

And his kids they all moved away

No one knows what exactly happened to him

So sometimes he gets down on his knees to pray

If you can hear me

Take me away from here

Cause i'm no longer the man

That i want to be

There's no more room for the past

And that's all i have

I try to talk

But the future won't listen to me

Diane worked at an all night coffee shop

On the corner of brabury and twenty-ninth

From time to time she'd watch julian from the window

And wonder to herself

If he would be alright

She lived alone

In a one room apartement

She didn't know anyone

And hardly went outside

Convinced like julian

That she too

Had become a ghost

When you're in a dark place

Where there isn't anywhere to hide

Someone once told her

That she didn't have anything to give

And when she was young

She believed every word they'd say

Until she conviced herself

That she would start again

Sometimes she still gets on her knees to pray

If you can hear me

Take me away from here

Cause i'm no longer the person

I thought i'd be

There is no reason

For me to go on like this

I try and cry out

But no one will listen to me

It was dark that night

Darker than most i guess

He was at the window

Thinking he would sit down to rest

He looked up

And his eyes went across the street

And to their surprise

Those empty eyes encountered me

Julian couldn't move

Or more like he didn't want to

Diane felt the same

And she didn't know what to do

Ain't it funny

But ain't it a cryin shame

When you've got no one else

To blame

I turned my collar up

And started to walk down the street

And behind me i heard the silent sound

Of weathered feet

I turned around

To watch the walk back toward the cafe

It's kind of funny

But sometimes we get on our knees to pray

If you can hear me

Take them away from here

And make them

Something they long to be

Don't turn a deaf ear

To anyone that you might hear

Or am i just talking

Cause no one will listen to me

No one will listen

Why won't you listen