Matt Reeves - Praise You (2011)

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Matt Reeves - Praise You lyrics

I was abused as a child, and it made it hard to smile
According to my lifestyle, I probably should be running wild
But I got my own soul, god bless the child that say you gotta run the block
But I chose to walk them out, you see I chose my own path
Even though they got me clown
See me at the church with…
But they didn’t understand, after service I came home
To a table full of grams
I needed god to make sense, for the mess that’s in my life
One of the family … I was looking for a wife
I knew a couple of goons that was not…
Since I knew the streets was cold, I was dying to be loved
A weirdo to my…they didn’t know what my struggle was
My paps died from AIDS, my mama wouldn’t speak to me
Only time we exchanged words was when she screamed at me
I used to have nightmares of my father leaving me
But I never saw his face homes, now even …
My sister used to be, the only one to pay attention
But after a while, she was fighting for my mom’s attention
My brother … I love him, he was always distant
I guess because I grew up with my mama and he didn’t
And when it was just me and him, he would start to hit me
Bust my head on the window, sell my sister, started tripping
Step father was a hussler, with criminal intention
By the time I was 9 he had me on the ground pitching
By the time I was 15, he was have me sniffing
Nobody ever knew what this young boy was facing
That’s why I used to run to the church and start to praying
So what you thought was lame was my answer to the pain
Shed so many tears that I learned a lot of rain
I used to ask god why, what did I do to deserve this
I can’t believe you got me walk around with all these service relationship
Never work, they always coming to an end,
Still I … tell me friends, it kinda sucks being mister right when people do you wrong
So what I can’t get out, I put it in a song, and I praise you.