Matt Papa - No One Else lyrics

Psalms 63:1-4, 148, 150, Jer 29:13, Mark 12:30, Rom 12:1, Phil 3:8

God You are my God
I seek Your face
With all my heart
Soul, mind, and strength

Sovereign God
My Abba Father
I will trust in You forever
Jesus, Master
I will follow You
You shed Your blood for me

Everlasting, Sovereign God
You are my desire
There is no one else for me
Jesus, Savior, Risen One
You set my soul on fire
There’s no turning back for me

Faithful God, my dearest friend
You have my heart come take my hand
And walk with me, oh how I need
Your touch, Your face is all I seek


How could I ever cease to sing of the praises of my God and King?
You are all to me my everything, now for You Lord I’ll live, I’ll bring
My sacrifice of praise to You, Lord it’s all of me, my life unto
The Living God, You shed Your blood upon the cross now everything is loss
Compared to knowing You, my Savior what else could I do but
Follow You for all my days, my lips will never cease to sing Your
Praise Him sun and moon and stars
Praise Him all ye sons of God
Praise Him angels fire and wind
All creation and all men
Praise Him in His sanctuary
Praise Him for His might and deeds
Praise the Lord with song and dancing
Praise the Lord O my soul Praise HIM!