Matt Mulholland - Kick Him In The Nuts lyrics

Rolling down the street in my pimped up ride
Wanting some chicken, preferably fried
Looking out for the KFC and I see myself a honey
Get tapped on the shoulder look around and some mofo steals my money

Chased him into an alleyway, starts crying 'cause he got no guts
Begging and pleading to let him go so I kicked him in the nuts

Kick him in the nuts

Wipe off my shoe as I get back in the car
Still want some chicken, haven't gotten very far
Looking out the window for the KFC
Then I notice this little kid pulling the fingers at me

Slam on the breaks as the kid begins to run
He's not laughing anymore, it wasn't worth the fun
I told him to say sorry, and all I got was buts
I gave him a chance to redeem himself and then I kicked him in the nuts

Finally found the KFC as I walk in through the door
I'm gonna buy some chicken, then i'm gonna buy some more
Go up to the counter, ask for a quarter pack
He just laughed at me and gave my money back

The pack was $8.95, all I had was $7.83
I grabbed him by the face and told him no one laughs at me
He said with the money, that I could buy some nuts
I jumped over the counter, stole some chicken then I kicked him in the nuts