Matt Mulholland - Homo Pirates lyrics

Sailing on a pirate ship
With my rugged crew
Eighteen manly men
No one had a clue

Went to a party on the ship
Where I met a fair young lass
Before I knew what was happening
The cabin boy touched my ass

Homo pirates
Trying to bury their treasure in your ass

I spun around in anger as the crew came my way
And then I realised "Holy shit, they've all turned gay"
Four years on the pirate ship, no one gave a care
Until the captain and first mate braided each others' hair

The ship began to shake from winds up above
Turns out it was the second mate and captain making love
Shots were heard from far beyond
The enemy was drawing near
We just slowed right down
So they could take us from the rear

It started off real innocent
A kiss every now and then
I should have realised what was happening
When the flag was replaced
With pictures of naked men