Matt Lefevers - Three lyrics

I wish that I could tell myself that everything will be okay,
But I never really was much good at lying.
You know that I would die for you
And now I know you'd let me,
If it only meant you never had to see my face again.
And this is the last time
I'll lie and say I'm fine
Just to ease the weight of guilt upon your shoulders.

Can you hear me screaming?
(Ten days without water ten weeks without food ten years without sunlight for each day without you...)

Now that I can tell you how I really feel,
I realize that that's what I've been doing all along;
Everytime I said that you were everything to me, and
Everytime I said how much I need you.
And I wish that I could take it back.
Shrug it off.
And calmly walk away the way you can.
But when I told you that I loved you,
It was never once a lie.
Not even this time.