Matt Dillon - Mexican Lonliness lyrics

And I am an unhappy stranger
Grooking in the streets of Mexico-
My friends have died on me, my
Lovers disappeared, my whores banned,
My bed rocked and heaved by
Earthquake - and no holy weed
To get high by candlelight
And dream - only fumes of buses,
Dust storms, and maids peeking at me
Thru a hole in the door
Secretly drilled to watch
Masturbators fuck pillows -
I am the Gargoyle
Of Our Lady
Dreaming in space
Gray mist dreams -
My face is pointed towards Napoleon
-- I have no form --
My address book is full of RIPs
I have no value in the void,
At home without honour, -
My only friend is an old fag
Without a typewriter
Who, if he's my friend,
I'll be buggered.
I have some mayonnaise left,
A whole unwanted bottle of oil,
Peasants washing my sky light,
A nut clearing his throat
In the bathroom next to mine
A hundred times a day
Sharing my common ceiling -
If I get drunk I get thirsty
- if I walk my foot breaks down
- if I smile my mask's a farce
- if I cry I'm just a child -
- if I remember I'm a liar
- if I write the writing's done -
- if I die the dying's over -
- if I live the dying's just begun -
- if I wait the waiting's longer
- if I go the going's gone
- if I sleep the bliss is heavy
- the bliss is heavy on my lids
- if I go to cheap movies
The bedbugs get me -
Expensive movies
I can't afford
- if I do nothing
Nothing does