Matt Caplan - Sideways lyrics

Lost my train of thought around Chicago
Found a little sawdust where you lay
Never made collages as a young child
Not that much to see So much to say

Now even in this silence there's a thunder
And rain that steals the breath beneath this cage
And at least I've got your memory to soothe me
This bitter poison ripening with age

Because everything I've ever done I've done because I love you
Silly you should ask
I'm afraid that I'll spend the better part of next year scared that i might need you
Bring me down and I'll feel again
Everything I've ever done I've done because I love you

Lost my patience well before West Fourth Street
Found a copper coin, said "Seize the Day"
And I let the angry audience surround me
Hiding as I screamed "Give o'er the play"

And now even in this thunder there's a silence
A shred of comfort standing at my door
And at least I've got the sense to reconstruct you
And leave me twice as lucid as before


And you left your mark
And you left your face in the corner of my mind three times
You left your mark
You left yourself

And at least i've got the sense to sense what's coming
And realize that good things never come to those that wait too long