Matt Caplan - Lies lyrics

Take another look around
These silly thoughts of mine
Try to scrape a little feeling
Take another piece
A fragment of my sanity
Try to stop my dirty dealing

I was not the one to lie
I was never one to lose my way
But I surrender all my time
To constructing little rhymes
And absolving the sublime
But you can't ask me for the world
'Cause I won't give it to you

Write another letter
About the emptiness I feel
I won't/will be obliged to read it
Find another reason
To tear apart the life inside
I'll pretend I really need it


Show me all your secrets
Place them here before me
Pull me out of me
So I can see
Just how boring life can be
Just how ugly I can be
Just how much I'll never see
And I wonder who am I
Who am I, who am I

In another lifetime
I could have been a stronger man
Could have told a million stories
On another planet
I know I would deserve it all
The pain, the pleasure, the glory