Matt Alber - Monarch lyrics

warm invitation
to breathe in my first breath
shoulders sure are heavy
with these wings about to stretch
we're waking up, clinging to
the rafters
sensing summer winds are coming in
when just above me
a hundred of my brothers are
ready for this journey to begin

and we're off, heading home now
and in my body there is buried
some strange memory of
how to fly, what to follow
and it will lead me to the origin
of me,

how long was i asleep?
all these colors opening like
bright kaleidescopes of walking dreams
you won't believe the view
I'm taking a dive into the crystal river
I'm gonna find The Friend
and give her the sweetest kiss
creation ever knew

Oh and when she blushes
all the secrets in her eyes
become the songs of old and wiser ones
who flew this path before me
and if you hear it too
then why not sing it?
pick up where they left off
and wing it
the rest of them will marvel at the sky