Matisyahu - Warrior lyrics (Chinese translation). | You're the son of his majesty
, Remember how it used to be
, In the light of day it's easy to see
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Matisyahu - Warrior (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You're the son of his majesty
ZH: 你是国王陛下的儿子

EN: Remember how it used to be
ZH: 还记得要

EN: In the light of day it's easy to see
ZH: 看着它很容易看到

EN: Now it's nighttime
ZH: 现在是夜间

EN: You had to leave
ZH: 你不得不离开

EN: Separated from the king
ZH: 从国王分离

EN: Now the water's rushing and you keep trying to swim against the stream
ZH: 现在的水赶着和你一直想逆流而

EN: And it seems, like your not moving the many water's gushing you gasp for air
ZH: 似乎喜欢你不搬的许多水涌出你喘

EN: Almost drowning ears ringing, once upon a time we were singing
ZH: 快要淹死响的耳朵,从前我们在歌唱

EN: One day the trees will stand and clap hands
ZH: 一天的树将站和拍手

EN: Stream of thought getting caught in the klipa, this place is just a shell, external
ZH: 流的思想越来越陷入动动,这个地方是只是一个壳,外部

EN: Egos swell, that one'll burn ya, we fell a long way down, that eternal frown'll get you
ZH: 自我膨胀,一会烧雅,我们跌倒了很长的路,那永恒的眉头会让你

EN: You look vexed it's the dregs, the yetzer hara's lurking
ZH: 你看起来令人烦恼是渣、 yetzer hara 的潜伏

EN: Trying to make you forget we got a job to do
ZH: 想让你忘了我们有工作要做

EN: You're a priest and a prince and you can't be moved
ZH: 你是一名牧师和一位王子,你不能移动

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: You're a warrior, Fighting for your soul
ZH: 你是一个战士,争取你的灵魂

EN: Taken from a world above, and brought down to a world below
ZH: 采取从一个以上,并带到下面的世界的世界

EN: Re-united, re-united return the princess to the king,
ZH: 国王,重新团结、 重新联合公主返回

EN: Re-united, re-united, she's been taken for so long
ZH: 重新联合,重新团结了,她是已采取那么久

EN: Re-united, re-united and then she'll be filled with joy
ZH: 重新联合,重新团结了然后她就会充满欢乐

EN: Re-united, re-united like the days of her youth
ZH: 重新团结起来,重新团结像她的青春的日子

EN: Descended to the pit
ZH: 下降到坑

EN: What's this feeling can't get rid of it
ZH: 什么是这种感觉不能摆脱它

EN: Soul sick
ZH: 灵魂病

EN: Can't seem to shake it
ZH: 似乎不能摆脱它

EN: When one retires at night weeping, joy will come in the morning
ZH: 当一个退休在夜晚哭泣时,喜乐会来在早上

EN: You made my mountain stand strong
ZH: 你让我站在强大的山

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Like and ancient memory
ZH: 像和古代的内存

EN: Remember how it used to be
ZH: 还记得要

EN: Close your eyes and breath in
ZH: 闭上你的眼睛中的呼吸

EN: That's the scent of freedom
ZH: 这就是自由的气味

EN: Ringing across the sea
ZH: 渡海响

EN: Land of milk and honey
ZH: 牛奶和蜂蜜的土地

EN: One day will wake up from this dream and we'll stop sleeping,
ZH: 有一天从梦中醒来,我们会停止睡觉,

EN: Oh, yo, then we'll see clearly
ZH: 哦哟,然后我们会看清楚

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]