Matisse - Song About A Song lyrics

There's a song about a song
There's a song about war and it's disasters
There's a song about death
Of unrequited love

There's another song about
Requited love and wishful thinking
There's a song about a friend
Who sadly died drinking

Do we need songs to make our day
Can't we just have music to show us the way
How can we keep bad spirits away?

There a billions songs
Always hear the words I am bored to death with
Can't we just say something out of nothing?

I'm afraid about this song
I'm afraid even I can't understand it
Who's gonna dance to it I say!

In the year 2005 - 6 - 7
A song may be like this
When people go crazy
Music is a life or death matter
And people like us go crazy
All the time!