Matisse - Mary lyrics

Mary, can't you see?
How tired, I feel the summer sun is burning
When there's a winter in me
Mary, let's go away
I am dying in this city
I can't stand it
Mary, I will fade to grey
Oh baby don't you say that you love me
Take me to a plane I want to be
Oh baby I am so torn with all these lies
Take me to the sky I can disguise

'Cos Mary I want to go
Miles away from home
Dying in this hole

You got to take me away tonight
I want to go, run away from home
I'm dying this world
You got to take me away tonight

Mary, can't you see?
Me tears are like the rain that's falling
Falling on me
Mary, I am dying tonight
The stars are trembling as the earth is turning
And there's no me I can find

(With the stars in the sky)