Mathias Anderle - Shine On lyrics

Verse 1
She walks a few feet off the ground, sparks fly, electrifying air
Got chills, but when I turn around she disappears like she was never there
If love's supposed to hit like lighting from above, then it just struck, it lit me up and I'm gone
But its gonna shine on

Fallin' in, I'm fallin' up
Crazy diamond in the rough
She's what I'm talkin about and what I'm talkin about is love
Kiss me light so I can see when the stars go out on me
She's all I need to shine, shine on, shine on (shine on shine on)
Whoa oh oh, shine on shine on (shine on shine on)
And never turn it off

Verse 2
Just on the verge of a breakdown, melt down, too much heat in this crazy town
But I've got something to write home about, right now
She fell for me, impossibly,