Math Blaster - You're Not My Dad (And Your Macaroni Sucks) lyrics

You're not my dad
I hate you so much
You only got married to my mom
Because she was alone
Your macaroni sucks
Your job isn't real
You train dinosaurs like you told me
Why do you lie to me?
You're not my dad
You're not my dad
I hate you

You try to get on my good side
By giving me stuff like cars and stuff
But I don't want it anymore
I just want my real dad back
Mom said he died in the Navy
But I know the truth
He died when I was 7, just cause

You can't be my friend
You can't be my dad
I hate you so much
And I think about girls a lot
One day I'm just gonna get in the car and drive away


I came back from a future trip
I got in my time machine
Then I did a flip
25 years ago I said I hated your guts
I did some research and found you
You were my real dad
You were my real dad

I'm so sorry that I yelled at you
I'm sorry that I slashed your tires on your brand new Suzu(ki)
I'm sorry that I punched your nuts whenever you were asleep
I'm sorry that I filled your condoms with pepper sauce
Made your dick burn

No I'm not cause I hate you
Cause she's not my mom
I was tricked twice in my life
Once by my dad once by my mom
I don't know what's real anymore
I don't know what to think
So I'm going to just end it all
I hate you