Math Blaster - Coffin Fire lyrics

I'm a vampire
I happen to be a vampire
And I don't like your face
So I'm going to just feast on your blood, blood
I always wear black
I never look back
From that house I just feasted upon
I ate your mom
Vampire, zombies, death, gore,
Skeletons in the closet coming eating kids
Freddy Krueger the vampire hunter
Comes out and carries the thunder
The sun falls of the horizon
I listen to Verizon
Wireless, wireless, here comes the cell phone king
Ring ring ring
Yes comes the ring in my bones
Skeleton bones
No they don't, no they don't
No one loves me because I listen to the sky
Don't fly around I turn into a bat at night
I'm vampire trapped in this world
And I'm sick of it, sick of it
Not a drop of blood in my veins
I feast upon yours in the night
I come and eat yours in the night
I hate sunlight
Seems alright in the night
Moonlight, some pride I need