Mateo Amarei - Ordinary World (2011)

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Mateo Amarei - Ordinary World lyrics

Oh this is my ordinary world
Yeah let’s go
I was searching ordinary guy
But you and i you and i are ordinary girl
We stuck in, we stuck in this ordinary world
When i met you in high school
You had so much going for you
i was on the football team
and you were class president tryin to change the same
i had it bad for you it was like wasa satr
play my positon on that bench
life is such a bitch

You have every got ..going crazy
i had no one left knew i was there
i want you to know
That i hated you were mine
Extraordinary girl in my ordinary world
Extraordinary girl in my ordinary world
Why can’t you be my girl
Extraordinary girl , why can’t you be my girl
in.. my ordinary world
Extraordinary girl

I’m living in my worse nightmare
She statin search .. everybody knows and it’s nothing
What am i to do confess my love and give a ..
I think I’ll keep my private tight and keep my ..
And no surprise that she was home coming ..queen
And i was in the crowd with my .. wishin she was her
It was so pathetic the epidemic of lane
In my position all that ..think that life is just a ..


And i think it’s time to find my way to you
No more denying word
No i deserve
I’m one remains something to you
Get away from me you’re so invisible
If you give me a chance I’ll change your life
I’ll change your life