Mateo Amarei - Ordinary World lyrics (Chinese translation). | Oh this is my ordinary world 
, Yeah let’s go 
, I was searching ordinary guy 
, But you and i you...
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Mateo Amarei - Ordinary World (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Oh this is my ordinary world
ZH: 这是我平凡的世界

EN: Yeah let’s go
ZH: 是让我们转到

EN: I was searching ordinary guy
ZH: 我寻找平凡的人

EN: But you and i you and i are ordinary girl
ZH: 但我和你你和我是普通的女孩

EN: We stuck in, we stuck in this ordinary world
ZH: 我们被困在中,我们被困在这平凡的世界

EN: When i met you in high school
ZH: 当我遇见你在高中

EN: You had so much going for you
ZH: 你有太多事情对你来说

EN: i was on the football team
ZH: 我是在橄榄球队

EN: and you were class president tryin to change the same
ZH: 你是班长尽力改变相同

EN: i had it bad for you it was like wasa satr
ZH: 我有它坏的你就像只有万分之一 satr

EN: play my positon on that bench
ZH: 在那张板凳上播放我的当前位置

EN: life is such a bitch
ZH: 生活就是这么个婊子

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: You have every got ..going crazy
ZH: 你有每有...快疯了

EN: i had no one left knew i was there
ZH: 没人左知道我在那里

EN: i want you to know
ZH: 我想让你知道

EN: That i hated you were mine
ZH: 恨你都是我的

EN: Extraordinary girl in my ordinary world
ZH: 非凡的女孩在我平凡的世界

EN: Extraordinary girl in my ordinary world
ZH: 非凡的女孩在我平凡的世界

EN: Why can’t you be my girl
ZH: 为什么你不能我的女孩

EN: Extraordinary girl , why can’t you be my girl
ZH: 非凡的女孩,你为什么不能我的女孩

EN: in.. my ordinary world
ZH: 在......我平凡的世界

EN: Extraordinary girl
ZH: 非凡的女孩

EN: I’m living in my worse nightmare
ZH: 我住在我糟糕的噩梦

EN: She statin search .. everybody knows and it’s nothing
ZH: 她他汀类药物搜索...大家都知道,它是什么

EN: What am i to do confess my love and give a ..
ZH: 我要承认我的爱,给...

EN: I think I’ll keep my private tight and keep my ..
ZH: 我想我会保持我的私人紧,让我...

EN: And no surprise that she was home coming ..queen
ZH: 毫不奇怪,她是回家了来...女王

EN: And i was in the crowd with my .. wishin she was her
ZH: 并在人群里我...发呆她是她

EN: It was so pathetic the epidemic of lane
ZH: 它是车道的如此可悲流行

EN: In my position all that ..think that life is just a ..
ZH: 在我的立场都...觉得生活只是...

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: And i think it’s time to find my way to you
ZH: 该是时候来找我对你的方式

EN: No more denying word
ZH: 没有更多的否定词

EN: No i deserve
ZH: 我配不上

EN: I’m one remains something to you
ZH: 我是一个仍然向你

EN: Get away from me you’re so invisible
ZH: 获取从我身边你是如此不可见

EN: If you give me a chance I’ll change your life
ZH: 如果你给我一次机会,我会改变你的生活

EN: I’ll change your life
ZH: 我就会改变你的生活

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]