Mat Tanner - Life in the middle lane lyrics

My eyes are wide and it's not for the first time
Cos this is keeping me from sleeping almost every night
When I think of the years it stops my heart with fear
Cos they've been shorter than I thought and they're not slowing down for anyone here

The wheels come off when you try to drive
The weight of these wings pulls me down and won't let me fly
Life in the middle lane is the perfect place to hide
And just watch it pass you by

I'm miles away from where I want to be
And all these doors I've seen before laid out in front of me
Each one leads to another different dream
Of a father/lover/singer/other I can't figure out which one is me

The wheels come off...

All those mistakes I never got the chance to make
As I sat in bubble wrap and got labelled Mr. Play-it-safe
But you know that's fine, all these choices were mine
And there's no regrets, well none just yet, at least most of the time

The wheels come off...