Masta Ace Incorporated - 'Classroom' (Skit) lyrics

[children yelling, chairs squeaking]
[teacher's voice interrupts]
Excuse me! Excuse me! Quiet down, quiet down, quiet down
Now listen
This is hardcore rap, 101
So check your programs and make sure you're in the right class
[papers shuffle, kid mutters "yo I'm here", various talking]
Alright everybody alright? OK
Now when you rhyme, you have to say, that you smoke blunts
Also, you have to mention that you drink forties
You have to, mention, that you carry a nine millimeter
A tec nine, a mac ten, an M sixteen, or a uzi
Do everybody understand? (yeah)
Any questions? Yes
Excuse me but I don't have a gun
It's not _important_, if you have a gun or not
Just act like you have a gun, alright?
Now here's a tape, of the latest group
On the cutting edge of hardcore rap
It's the most innovative stuff, for nineteen ninety-three