Masspike Miles - Niggas In Paris (Freestyle) (2012)

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Masspike Miles - Niggas In Paris (Freestyle) lyrics

Yeah, yeah!
Bustle hard, nigger dont wanna rob me
But if you nigger try to rob me
Imma show my girls that I stand up till the girls get off me
Sell were soft made
Caviar with the on a private beach with
I know what it is
Im just chilling on the ceiling, dropping down the bills.
She had an order, why youre so mean?
..ask her round and round like a washing machine.
Baby lets keep calm
Cause we will frown
But I need this like a
You like that baby, she
I dont respect that, I wanna cut that neck back
I be so foolish, dont mean stupid
I was so flesh
Make you come alive, only for a ride
Open up your eyes
that she good