Massemord (Poland) - Colour Of Misanthropy lyrics

Few days in one it takes me to express the same
So many nights I try to think the other way
Every single day is enriching this creed again
Nothing more I can't say
I loathe you

I won't bestow my hatred
On numbers that don't mean anything
Today I attack your warlords' minds
This fucking playground call outcast tribe
I detest you

Leave me alone in my decay
Its burden is lighter than brethren
Now I sit on throne of misanthropy
In my own world, mine not yours
I hate you

This brotherhood of stupidity
Provides me supreme disgust
Time has come to fuck you all
Through holocaust that will rise
In final words taste the quintessence
And do me a divine favour
Nothing special but simply die

I'm fed up with you
Though you might think
We're from the same stone
You naive fool

Leave me forlorn in my decay
Its burden is undoubtfully lighter
Than doubtful brotherhood of hypocrisy
This is my throne of misanthropy, mine not yours
Onward pathetic ones,
Shatter their scornful hearts