Massemord (Poland) - Another Holocaust Rises lyrics

Four mighty swords risen to the air
Another holocaust haunting the earth

We are the prophets of eugenics supremacy
Raising chalices filled with blood
Beheading millions of empty shells
Thousands of mortals screaming out for god

We raise new temples of majestic walls
Make an offering on altar made of skulls
Moistening ground with tons of flesh
Deformed in the last act of breathing

We lights up the darkness of this age
With stakes of burning left to rot
We the Pharisees of another trendkill
Nailing anything able to hang

We the purest ones
Daring to kill thousands by once
We the blitzkrieg fans
Soaking our blades in carnage trance

Another holocaust rises
You will never sleep in peace
With blade tearing your flesh
With blade raping all wholes
None shall live but us