Masia One - Natural Progression lyrics

I kept it heavy on the motion, explain my world like this
Asked my God bout 5 per centers, She said all are sadly missed
Maybe inside the innocence is broken by a kiss
Some way misguided arrogance is soon to be dismissed
And I cried like the first day my thoughts thought the mistaken
And I find all the hard ways to build some recognition
It's a mission with no strategy, I hope my mom's not mad at me
Switched priorities when I bought my first degree see,
Born a Singapore child with straight black hair gone wild
I remember, fell in love with you that November
Thought I'd sneak a peak at you offering me pride, But now you're like my other and I'm always on your side
Saw my friendships grow and die but still never had a clue
You watched me grow from little brat to you know who.
Hmmm…how should I end this, put my pen in 20 different places,
Call you by your name or by the many different places
Still I trace this, a small history,
Or just a brief biography of how Hiphop has been so good to me.
I keep it heavy on the motion
Hip hop's been good to me. X2
I be that smart individual, Love or just a ritual,
Lying on my bed or rocking mics never conventional
Nodding to a tune or writing rhymes in broken English
Redefine the times or simply miming gutter language
Like I manage arrogance but still embrace the first mentality
Battle growing up my adolescent personality
Analogies emerge between my strength and your support
Fell in love with Hiphop culture it was never just the sport
For to spectate is a failure, choose to criticize a stranger is to never know
Pick my shoes up, quid pro quo
Say hello when you see me, share a verse or maybe sensi
Live to pride yourself of every conversation had we
Many enemies as friends or family as foe?
Have I had the tendency to let too many people go?
Is it the journey, or a faux pa?
I've done okay so far
So keep on building on the eloquent Fuck the pop stars.
I keep it heavy on the motion
Hip hop's been good to me. X2
Intrinsically I run from me and all I still desire
Cause I waited for inspiration in those who don't inspire Quiet whispering grows louder
As I reach my destination
Why wait for worldly things, when life springs another question
My blood thinner; each new breathe I just beginner.
Aspiring for wings when things seem to hold down sinners.
I roll pinners then smoke emcees, catch me if you can
Expand vocabularies like "girl's the fucking man"
Yeah I said it, took every syllable to clearly dead it
Female emcees fight amongst the next for most respected
But Conflicted lights turned green,
All the so-so, in between take a step back
Masia One still fucking Queen.
Who come test me?
My precedence where the best be
Less we forget evidence of every envious kid I broke bread with
Wove another thread with
Then turned backs around to show their love was only passive
I grow active in my slumber, predict each lucky number When the time is up I buck up, I never stutter And fall, I write life graffiti on the wall like it's scripture
Babylon will fall, you get the picture
Each new life a role reversal
Respect the universal, made my mine up and skipped the whole fucking dress rehearsal
Breathe English but exhale my deepest love for life of art
Saw the greatest smiles before everything just fell apart I keep it heavy on the motion
Hip hop's been good to me. X2