Mary Jane Kelly - Our Streets Turn White lyrics

We're the modern hell that that book talks of.
Sorry dear friend, but we won't march forward.
Once more into the breach lost its romance about 8 men ago.

It's in the name of God we spread our disease
From our alters across skies and seas.
We pretend to love, although we know nothing of sacrifice.
We try to bleed when our hears have never broken.

This dance of denial casts failure as our shadows.
With our heads in the sand, we hang and burn in our gallows.
Let me rid myself of what is below.
This blood soaked soil can't be renewed tomorrow.

We are the darkest beings this world has ever known,
With spotlights for heads and blood on our hands.
We delete all that is in our hearts
To destroy the beautiful, and silence the pure.

Our streets turn white, these sirens echo throughout all time.
We rape and burn under the guise of saints and mothers.
We're running out of blind eyes and cheeks to turn.
These signs ignored for far too long are now jagged and ready to burn.