Mary J. Blige - Not Today (feat. Eve) (2004)

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Mary J. Blige - Not Today (feat. Eve) lyrics

Why wont you grow up and be a man some day
I cant believe that your still playing silly games
Now why do I put up with all this childish play
Now if your worries all you have then you aint worth a damn thing

You told me everyday (that you made)
You never ever came (not for me)
I really want to believe (but not today)
Not today not today not today

You're the worse I cant even depend on you
You say a lot of good things but somethin else you always do
Be a man of your word try to love something or love in you
But now you can be on your way bc I don't want you today

Bought a house, bought the kids
Lifestyles we would live
Who the fuck you really is
In my face all the time
Spittin line afta line
Broke down my wall and u got in my mind
Youse a fake shoulda known
All the times I was shown
Bleieve what I saw and your cover was blown
Break up leave make up please
Yous a magician all the tricks up your sleeve
Have me fooled and then I was in it
You played good but ima bet you gotta get it
So I make moves and ima leave you where you at dog chill
Go back to square one wait for somethin real
Selfish nigga coulda helped you nigga
Usually know betta but I felt you nigga
I guess gettn in my head was part of the plan
Cuz in reality the only thing u givin me is…

Chorus x2

Don't let him waste your time girl (don't let him waste your time girl)
Hes only telln lies girl (hes only telln some lies to you)
Then he apologizes (and he will he will)
Don't believe all that mess cuz he will do it again