Mary J. Blige - Love At First Sight (feat. Method Man) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Mary J. Blige]
, Lookin' at you from a distance
, Gettin' all of my attention
, Could this be love...
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Mary J. Blige - Love At First Sight (feat. Method Man) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Mary J. Blige]
ZH: [黄家强]

EN: Lookin' at you from a distance
ZH: 从远处看着你

EN: Gettin' all of my attention
ZH: 变所有引起我的注意

EN: Could this be love at first sight, baby
ZH: 这可能是一见钟情,宝贝

EN: You walked away and I missed you
ZH: 你走了,我错过了你

EN: Visions of wanting to kiss you
ZH: 想亲亲你的愿景

EN: How could this be if I don't really know you?
ZH: 这怎么可能如果真的不知道你?

EN: Ohh baby, baby
ZH: 哦宝宝、 宝宝

EN: [Chorus - Mary J. Blige:]
ZH: [合唱-玛丽布莱姬:]

EN: Could it be love at first sight?
ZH: 它可能是一见钟情吗?

EN: And I never knew that I, could fall in love on the very first night
ZH: 我也不知道我,可能会爱上上非常的第一夜

EN: Could this be love?
ZH: 这可能是爱吗?

EN: [Mary J. Blige]
ZH: [黄家强]

EN: You had on the latest fashion
ZH: 你有最新的时尚

EN: It was a bigger attraction
ZH: 它是一种更大的吸引力

EN: It drew me closer and closer to you, yeah, baby
ZH: 它更近了我和接近你,是的宝贝

EN: I never done anything like this
ZH: 我从来没有做这样的事

EN: But you I just could not resist
ZH: 但您我只是无法抗拒

EN: I swallowed my pride and stepped to your side
ZH: 我吞下了我的自尊和跨步到你的身边

EN: Or could it be - be
ZH: 或可能是不是-

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Hook: Mary J. Blige]
ZH: [钩: 玛丽 · 布莱姬]

EN: I wanna know if you could call me up (could you call me up sometime? please)
ZH: 我想知道是否你可以打电话给我 (你可以叫我有空? 请)

EN: And maybe someday we just might hook up, could this love at first sight?
ZH: 和也许有一天我们就可能见面,乍一看,这还能爱吗?

EN: [Method Man]
ZH: [方法男人]

EN: Once again, it's that other M&M now
ZH: 再次,它是其他 M & M 现在

EN: How many women feelin' him?
ZH: 多少妇女感觉他?

EN: Somebody call the coroner, quick, Mary is killin 'em
ZH: 有人打电话给死因裁判官、 快速,玛丽是林他们

EN: Tell 'em what's the 411 and who came runnin'
ZH: 告诉他们什么是 411 和谁来不停地奔跑

EN: When Clef dialed 911 from shots comin'
ZH: 当谱号拨打 911 从镜头来

EN: This somethin' for the radio, guest starring M.C.
ZH: 这东西为收音机,来宾主演 M.C.

EN: Johnny Blazin' the hip hop and R&B
ZH: 约翰尼 Blazin' 嘻哈和 R&B

EN: What, ya'll thought ya wasn't gon' see me
ZH: 什么,你们思想雅不是尼泊尔政府 ' 看我

EN: You can't spell Mary J. Blige without a J.B.
ZH: 你不能拼写没有 J.B.玛丽布莱姬

EN: Well back to the matter, and it's sex on the platter
ZH: 这件事,它的性别在盘子上井回

EN: She only wanna be happy and I ain't mad at her
ZH: 她只想要快乐,我不会生她的气

EN: You go momma, nowadays, I'm more calmer
ZH: 你去嬷嬷,如今,我更平静

EN: And if you take a look at my life, no more drama
ZH: 如果你看看我的生活,没有更多的戏剧

EN: Now you know, you searchin' for a Wu-Tang pro
ZH: 现在你知道,你寻找吴唐临

EN: You find me, just bout everywhere the poontang go
ZH: 你找我,只是 bout 到处参加聚会去

EN: Now you know, feel me like your favorite love song
ZH: 现在你知道了,感觉我就像你最喜欢爱的歌

EN: Cuz my computer love is the thetruth com
ZH: 因为我的计算机爱是的话句句属实 com

EN: [Chorus 2X]
ZH: [合唱 2 X]