Marvell - London 2 Atlanta (2012)

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Marvell - London 2 Atlanta lyrics

Nothings getting watered down my music aint a flower
let the bass drop like I pushed a speaker off a tower

OH NO!! it's another Banger
We got it poppin' from London 2 Atlanta
I'm picture perfect babe go and get a camera
My presence got me feeling like Santa
and got em saying

OH NO, Fresh out of Uganda
but I can have a girl wondering where her pants are
give her a rose and have her feeling like amber
then go back to mine for a bonanza
alphabet lifestyle that's M to the E
the girls call me sugar cause I'm still in T
and the name starts with D so I gotta be overseas (Cs)
catch me somewhere on the B.E.A to the C H, double S I'm a G


ON NO, I'm dying to let them know
cause im going in the best I'm like pelles goal
yeah they bravo, right before we end the show
cause we got it together like staples in the centre fold
I'm on money liken the geezer on the tenner note
you guys have got amnesia cause you'll never know
why you feel bad? Cause you've got a less result
and they still gas like they stole from Texaco


OH NO, This track could be a charter
and for these UK groups we've come to makes things harder
most of these girls are getting smarter, they tell me no
Chris tarrent baby hmmm…is that your final answer
maybe I'll leave but ill be back to find you after
MR bully always picking on somebody's partner
worldwide I can hear this track in Ghana
I'm Young Money call me Mr Carter, I'll have him saying