Martyr's Principle - Drifting From Nowhere lyrics

I'm sittin' at home
I never eat
Dreaming of you
And where you might meet

The guy who will
Take my place
The guy I already know
By how I see his face

On your first date
I wanna know all
How was dinner
Brown eyes, and Tall?

Did he kiss you goodnight?
Did he ask to come in?
Was he better than me?
Was he a gentleman?

I'll stay home and fit in
With my mom and her friend
With their bottles of gin
And my notepad and pen

Maybe you will realize
That these 21 one year old scrimmages
Are not what we need
Your fake ID, with your fake idea
Will not get your far, or
Do you want to stand still?
Tell me do you want to
Stand still
Cause your going nowhere
I'm on my way
But I'm still here
Drifting away
Far, far, away