Martyr - Prototype lyrics

(musique: daniel mongrain & pier-luc lampron)
(paroles: françois mongrain)

(l'acharnement et l'obstination de l'humain à la "création" et au "progrès" l'ont maintes fois mené à sa perte. tout ce dont il avait besoin pullullait sur cette terre fertile. par soif de pouvoir, il voulait plus, toujours plus. aujourd'hui, rien n'a changé...)

(dm-) men felt the flame's licking
Tamed it, risen to the sky
Symbol of power

There was the silex dagger
Tools from the wisest elders
At calvary's dawn

The wheel is born
Massive and rustic
From stone age's i.q.
There's no more to say
About this era
Those primal ages
Of prototypes

Things created
Were all we needed
For the survival
Of what they call humanity
Revelations, not to be shared
Aberations, nobody cares

Here shines the other light
Made of wires and glass
Knowledge's artifice

Weapons again
Gleaming white, staining red
Rusting on battlefields

(dm+fm-) we dared make wings
(dm-) from wax to steel
From sky to hell
There's no more to say
About this era
Bloodthirsty ages