Martriden - Prelude lyrics

Saw a star through the haze of my dreams
Emblazoned in the night sky
A light on the outer rim of dark
A fire burning at the end of the world

A vision of death, fire and violence
Foreshadowing the coming struggle of war
Blood spoiling the seas
The fog of war scorching the sky
And its fiery core opened to me
Sharing a vision of destiny

I will travel the vast distances
To where hope and daylight have died
In the fragile minds of men
Beyond death and its mournful song

Down to the depths of the earth
And in the throes of despair
As blood soaks my trail
I will ascend from ash and arise

My eyes open roused by terror
The bleak premonition rattling my mind
Anxieties strangling my rationale
Chaos burdens, and hastens my decision
Lucid awareness guides my destiny