Martin $ky - Polaroid (2013)

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Martin $ky - Polaroid lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dig into infinity finding a lost image of a
Rapper spittin' lyrics that's different from other niggas
Play it back a couple times if you ain't' understand
Planned to pan the camera back to panel if they panickin'
Pan fulla' poetry pardon me if I'm slaghterin'
Arteries with the fat raps the pad is what I started in
Underaged and underrated so they cardin' him
Star gazin' and start blazin' budda to particles
I understand that to yo' standards I am startlin'
Departin' on my quest to be the best and nothing less
But I'm stressed -- manifested on my lead and desk
Puffin' one coolin' back this is beat select-
Tion..yup.. I'm a starving artist not
Thirsty -- the the thirst is what caused yo' losses
Invested the time didn't care what it cost
Is you narcist artists makin' profit

[Verse 2]
To my dragon, baby, stop whinin';
I see my influence still shinin'
SB's on my feet, listen to beats
In the back of the batch that you cats sent me
Lo fi area code decode cyphers
So high aerial flows remain flyer
Oh, my stereo goes boom and I get
Hype off the waves I can't change my ways
Been here killin' this shit no ink needed
Bleedin' on the pad these rap digital lyricist
Feedin' off his riddles is the masses they eatin'
Plastic rap that shit is whack, got me heated
Penetratin' sound systems with plenty of flows
Started in the past and now they feelin' my flows
Chose to be the illest when I'm grabbin' the mic
I spit ice cuz' that fire burn slow when I write shit
Watchin this Garcia Vega tumble to ashes
Pass it to this rapper that's dreaded and spittin' acid
Seasons is how my release is announced
People anticipating he breathin' out
See me in the stu I be rappin' raps on the regular
Pat em on the back, got a couple hits so my head is up
So my head is up...what..