Martin $ky - Polaroid lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1]
, Dig into infinity finding a lost image of a
, Rapper spittin' lyrics that's different...
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Martin $ky - Polaroid (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Dig into infinity finding a lost image of a
ZH: 挖到无穷大寻找丢失的图像

EN: Rapper spittin' lyrics that's different from other niggas
ZH: 不同于其他黑鬼的往里吐口水歌词说唱歌手

EN: Play it back a couple times if you ain't' understand
ZH: 播放它几次如果你不是 ' 了解

EN: Planned to pan the camera back to panel if they panickin'
ZH: 计划要平移相机回小组,如果他们 panickin'

EN: Pan fulla' poetry pardon me if I'm slaghterin'
ZH: 潘福 ' 诗歌请原谅我,如果我是 slaghterin'

EN: Arteries with the fat raps the pad is what I started in
ZH: 动脉与垫是我开始在脂肪区域行动方案

EN: Underaged and underrated so they cardin' him
ZH: 未成年和低估这样他们 cardin' 他

EN: Star gazin' and start blazin' budda to particles
ZH: Gazin' 和开始枪林弹雨佛上到粒子的 3 星级

EN: I understand that to yo' standards I am startlin'
ZH: 我明白到哟 ' 的标准我是 startlin'

EN: Departin' on my quest to be the best and nothing less
ZH: Departin' 关于我争取成为最好的也不能少

EN: But I'm stressed -- manifested on my lead and desk
ZH: 但我强调指出 — — 表现在我的铅和桌子上

EN: Puffin' one coolin' back this is beat select-
ZH: 抽一个 coolin' 回来这是打败选择-

EN: Tion..yup.. I'm a starving artist not
ZH: 扬天...yup...我不是一个快饿死的艺术家

EN: Thirsty -- the the thirst is what caused yo' losses.
ZH: 口渴 — — 口渴是什么造成哟 ' 的损失。

EN: Invested the time didn't care what it cost
ZH: 投资时间不在乎什么 it 成本

EN: Is you narcist artists makin' profit
ZH: Narcist 艺术家犯的利润就是你吗

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: To my dragon, baby, stop whinin';
ZH: 我的龙,宝贝,停止 whinin' ;

EN: I see my influence still shinin'
ZH: 我看到我的影响力仍然闪耀

EN: SB's on my feet, listen to beats
ZH: 某人在我的脚,听听心跳

EN: In the back of the batch that you cats sent me
ZH: 在你猫寄给我的批

EN: Lo fi area code decode cyphers
ZH: 罗湖上网区码解码 cyphers

EN: So high aerial flows remain flyer
ZH: 如此高的空中流动依然传单

EN: Oh, my stereo goes boom and I get
ZH: 我的音响会爆炸和拿到

EN: Hype of the waves I can't change my ways
ZH: 我不能改变我的方式的波浪大肆宣传

EN: Been here killin' this shit no ink needed
ZH: 就在这里开始杀人没有墨水需要这东西

EN: Bleedin' on the pad these rap digital lyricist
ZH: 在垫上流血这些说唱数字填词

EN: Feedin' off his riddle is the masses they eatin'
ZH: 喂了他出的谜语是群众他们吃

EN: Plastic rap that shit is whack, got me heated
ZH: 塑料 rap 狗屎是嗷,让我加热

EN: Penetratin' sound systems with plenty of flows
ZH: Penetratin' 用大量的流动音响系统

EN: Started in the past and now they feelin' my flows
ZH: 在过去和现在他们感觉开始我的流量

EN: Chose to be the illest when I'm grabbin' the mic
ZH: 选择了我我摸麦克风时要慢慢

EN: I spit ice cuz' that fire burn slow when I write shit
ZH: 我吐冰因为 ' 当我写东西的那火烧慢

EN: Watchin this Garcia Vega tumble to ashes
ZH: 看着翻滚的灰烬本 · 加西亚 · 维加

EN: Pass it to this rapper that's dreaded and spittin' acid
ZH: 将它传递给此饶舌歌手,拥有可怕和往里吐口水酸

EN: Seasons is how my release is announced.
ZH: 四季是如何宣布释放我。

EN: People anticipating he breathin' out.
ZH: 人们期待着他呼吸。

EN: See me in the stu I be rappin' raps on the regular
ZH: 看到我在斯图我是说唱的定期区域行动方案

EN: Pat on the back, got a couple hits so my head is up
ZH: Pat 背面,有几个命中,所以我的头是

EN: So my head is up...what..
ZH: 所以我的头是上来...什么...