Martin Newell - Mulberry Harbour lyrics

This popular town
Just a few thousand down
If you've got the tin
Have tolerance, please
It's the English disease
Not the seventh sin
They can't resist somehow
To say how much their house worth now
Just look how far they've come
Jumping the gun
A place in the sun

And you know
They've all moved out to Mulberry Harbour
They've shut down the baker and the barber
They don't want the fishermen or farmers
There ain't no launderamas
They never wear pajamas in bed

How cultured they are
In a big silver car
In the morning blue
Then after the gym
With a Pinot for him
ANd the same for her
And though they do not stint
To make a smaller carbon footprint
Just look how well they've done
Jumping the gun
Futures begun

Now they say
They've all moved out to Mulberry Harbour
They look good in Timberlands and Barbour
They don't want the fisherman or farmers
Or any rama-lama
It mentions with the karma, their head