Martin Jondo - Hurtful Game lyrics

Oh please Lord never let me fall in love again
'cause this is such, such a hurtful game

Lord I can't breathe and I can't smile
lord my emotions getting wicked and wild
I'm losing myself, I'm losing my soul
feeling this girl taking over control

I'm running away, Lord I can't stay,
can't look in her face just one more day
the pain I feel, the tears I cry
lord I'm in love and I feel like I die


I'm sending mean thoughts and then I'm crying, oh Lord
what have I done to feel hate instead of love?
I'm cheating this friend and now it comes to an end
'cause I can't look at them walking down hand in hand

I'm turning away and I'm trying to pray
I wanna overcome my bitterness and bless their sweet way
so give me the strength and let me open my hand
'cause life's water flowing from the source to the end


So I don't wanna play no games no more, no more...