Martin Carthy - Skewbald lyrics

You gallant sportsmen all, come listen to me story
Of the bold Skewbald that noble racing pony
Arthur Marvel was the man who has brought the Skewbald over
He's a diamond in the land and he rolls around in clover

These horses were brought out with saddle, whip and bridle
And the gentlemen did shout when they saw the noble rider
And there's some did shout hooray as the air was thick with curses
On the grey Griselda sportsmen laid their purses

Now the trumpet it did sound, they shot off like an arrow
Scarcely touched the ground where the going it was narrow
Then Griselda passed him by as the gentlemen did holler,
"Oh, the grey will win the day and the Skewbald he will follow."

But halfway round the track up spoke the noble rider,
"I fear we must fall back for she's going like a tiger."
Up spoke the noble horse, "Ride on, ride on, me master,
For we're halfway round the track and it's now we'll see who's faster."

So swiftly o'er the grass Skewbald flew like lightning
So swiftly o'er the grass that the grey mare she was taken
"Ride on, my noble horse, for the good two hundred guineas.
Oh your saddle shall be of gold when we pick up our winnings."

Way past the winning post Skewbald won so handy
And horse and rider both called for sherry wine and brandy
And it's there they drank the health of the gallant Miss Griselda
And all who lost their money on the sporting plains of Kildare