Marry Me Jane - Candy lyrics

She eats a lot of candy
She bubbles up and sucks you down
All that sugar keeps her nasty
She's into tossin' spells and cars around

On a sleepy Sunday
He crawled in through a window
Put a shotgun to her throat and she said
"Life's a ball but it's got a lot of angles on it etc"

She rides with her chin down
She made Graceland cry
She's really into stalking downtown
So don't turn your back against the light

On a random Monday
Lookin' out of the window
See a stick and watch her fly
Blah, blah, blah etc

Licorice well look at this I'm bouncin' gumdrops off the wall
Off the ceilin' fireball
On a rainy Tuesday rats get in through the basement
Get your shotgun get your hose, keepin' up with Candy