Marques Houston - Speechless lyrics (Chinese translation). | Girl you are the definition of a real woman 
, how can be harder when you be hope let’s just hope...
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Marques Houston - Speechless (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Girl you are the definition of a real woman
ZH: 女孩你是一个真正的女人的定义

EN: how can be harder when you be hope let’s just hope it
ZH: 如何能更难时你会希望让我们只是希望它能

EN: that I don’t really try to cope with bad girl
ZH: 我真的不要试图应付坏女孩

EN: I want you to know that I need you
ZH: 我想让你知道我需要你

EN: when you..with you
ZH: 当你...与你

EN: you look what you did to me,
ZH: 你看你对我的所作所为

EN: beauty is cut me off
ZH: 美是打断了我

EN: I know that I’m going crazy
ZH: 我知道我要疯掉了

EN: Girl you got me speechless, speechless,
ZH: 女孩你让我无语,无语了,

EN: speechless, speechless, speechless, speechless,
ZH: 无语,无语,无语,无语了,

EN: Speechless, speechless, speechless, babe
ZH: Speechless,无言,哑口无言宝贝

EN: So baby, I need your patience
ZH: 亲爱的我需要你的耐心

EN: ’cause I need time to think what I’m gonna say to you
ZH: 因为我需要时间想什么,我是想对你说

EN: because the next time that we meet I wanna be so prepared
ZH: 因为在下一次我们见面我想如此准备

EN: ’cause girl I got a problem and I just gotta get over it
ZH: 因为女孩我有一个问题,我就是要过它

EN: ’cause whenever I’m with you I face up
ZH: 因为每当我与你同我面对

EN: look what you do to me, the beauty got me all above
ZH: 看你给我做些什么、 美我所有以上

EN: ‘Cause girl you got me speechless, speechless,
ZH: 因为你让我无语,无语了,

EN: speechless, speechless,
ZH: 无言,哑口无言,

EN: oh you got me speechless,
ZH: 你让我无语了,

EN: speechless, speechless, speechless.
ZH: 无言无语,哑口无言。

EN: Oh baby I’ma do my best to get close to you
ZH: 哦宝贝我要尽我所能靠近你

EN: sure the perfect woman for me yeah
ZH: 确保我的完美女人啊

EN: I wanna love my..I’m not gonna lose
ZH: 我想爱我...我不会失去

EN: Every time I’m with you a freeze, I freeze up girl
ZH: 每次我跟你一起冻结,我冻结了的女孩

EN: beauty is got me all tarara
ZH: 美让我所有的塔拉拉

EN: got me squeeze like speechless, speechless,
ZH: 让我挤喜欢无言,哑口无言,

EN: got me speechless, speechless, speechless,
ZH: 让我无语,无语,无语了,

EN: Tururu, speechless, speechless,
ZH: Tururu,无言,无语了,

EN: Tu tu tu, speechless.
ZH: 杜杜杜,无语。