Marked As His Equal - The Wrock Show lyrics

Sometimes you've got so much homework
And you can't focus, oh no.
Twelve inches of parchment on the Goblin Rebellions
And practicing a charm to make it snow

When Divination starts to get you down
When Ancient Runes has turned your smile into a frown
You gotta go to the Wizard Rock show

So put away your ink and feather quill
Stow your books back in your bag
Throw your Invisibility Cloak over your head
And get a move on – don't you lag

'Cause when you've had enough of Professor Binns
Go and get a Snackbox from the Weasley twins
You gotta go to the Wizard Rock show

We all know we've always got to do our homework
Hermione's always told us so
But sometimes the pressure gets too much
And you just have to let it go

So when you've gotta get out of our Potions class
When transfiguration's knocked you on your… huh!
You gotta go to the Wizard Rock show