Marion Delgado - Three Kings And A Fighter Pilot lyrics

Spark the kerosene in the space between my lungs. Spread notes against me loosing and mimic the melody. The photograph revolving the walls and the ceiling; will be beautiful on fire. Spark the kerosene in the space between my lungs.

I'll shake if you trimble to the rhythm of an uneasy respiratory system. If we can close our eyes quick enough and make believe that one more kiss will kill us both. The world glows, it's lit up like Christmas. Burning porchs that signal excuses. Spark in the kerosene and I'll be here.

If these apocalyptic preoperational procedures like giving you epileptic seizures. I'll be your primidone. Let the end go unnoticed and turn up the radio. We can talk until morning and watch the sunlight come up.

And I see you asleep by the window. And they've taken December. The blood is on her lips. Someday I'll be sorry my love. I have nothing to say that can't wait until tomorrow. Can it wait until tomorrow?