Mario - Falling Down (2012)

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Mario - Falling Down lyrics

All I ever wanna do
Is get you alone
and love your sexy
sexy attitude
It makes it all worth it
I put this lovin' on you
All it takes is getting close
and your heart will be exposed
trust me once I get a hold
I'll never let go

I bet you won't be standing
When it all falls down
there's no way you'll be standing up at all
cause your legs are off the ground
girl you aint gun be standing up at all
cause, falling in love is falling down
but I'll pick you up baby

You ain't gotta make a move
just lay in the air
and I'll be right there
right there next to you
I'll be at your service
we'll do all the things you want to
Lighting candles, kissing slow
Closing blinds and locking doors
trust me once I get a hold of you
I'll never let go


All night, all day, all of your life
Just call out my name
and I'll be sure to satisfy your wish
is, you'd be lifted, off the ground